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Spotify Ads Blocker – The best ad blocker for Spotify

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A new rocking version of iBlockify is up!
New interface, new functions, new servers, Smoth option, Smoth timer(check them on test!) and many more updates to make it simple and sexy AF!

New image of the application’s interface rocking it:


Waiting for your opinion! Give us some feedback!
Download link:



iBlockify is back and sexy AF!

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  1. New Interface
  2. New server
  3. 100% reliable
  4. reduced time for minimum cpu usage (0.1%) and maximum performance(checks 4times/second)
  5. And more rocking updates!!!


Always check the top post for the latest version.

iBlock v1.1.3 x64 bit finally released!

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Finally after one month+ we are releasing 64bit version.


  • DLL debug.
  • DLL copy to the right directory for 64bit, administration privilage required!
  • Form 3 debug
  • Messages boxes removed

Please note that this is a test version, a beta version.

Test it and don’t forget the feedback!

For download link look at the top!

iBlock v1.1.2 Released!

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So here we are!
A lot of people have been contacting us for the new update.
We didn’t yet finish the big update however we are updating the debugs.

– Label debug removed.

– Info button added for informations about the UI.

– Added a test ForeColor for the labels since they are being difficult to read on different colours.

– Added Skip Ad option.

– Made download more reliable (devs only).

Here is the download link: look at the top!


iBlock update 1.1.2

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After seeing the interest of the app all arround the internet, youtube, forums and emails, we decided to update the app.
In the near future we will try to make everything stable. Take out debug from the labels and add splash screen for the loadings and downloading.

In later version we will try to change the GUI, interface. Add play-safe mode and some more ideas!
We will keep you informed!

Thank you everyone for the support all arround the world!